What are Standards Based Bulletin Boards?

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A Standards Based Bulletin Board shows the connection between students’ work, the instructional standard the work is to meet, and assessment that is used to decide when the work meets the standard. Throughout the school year our classroom will feature this type of bulletin board both inside and outside of the classroom as a way to communicate the learning standards we will be learning. The utility of Standards Based bulletin boards is that they may be used as an instructional tool for students, informational tool for parents, and an assessment tool for teachers and administrators on student tasks and activities.

All Standards Based Bulletin Boards should feature the following components:

Title- the board has a title that communicates the main idea of the instructional task

Standard- the standard(s) are clearly identified and communicated verbatim from the Common Core Standards or is written using exact description from the Maryland State Curriculum

Task- the task is an explanation of what the class or student was asked to do

Commentary- each piece of student work includes a commentary written by the teacher or by the student that explains why the particular piece meets the standard. The commentary references specific student descriptions or models which highlight mastery of what the assignment was measuring.

Rubric-the scoring guideline used to evaluate and determine the grade or proficiency level of the students’ work

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As you visit our classroom, please take a moment to review our Standards Based Bulletin Boards which are featured on the board outside of our room or inside of our classroom on the back wall behind learning station # 3.  Standards Based Bulletin Boards are most effective when regularly updated to reflect current instructional tasks so that students may be provided with examples of what mastery of the skill or concept looks like and have a guide to refer to when completing similarly structured class assignments.

Our current Standards Based Bulletin Board display is a, “Whole Numbers Hive” which features students written responses evaluating their comprehension about ways to represent whole numbers. Check it out!

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